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    Dermafix Clarifying & Pigmentation

    Dermafix Clarifying & Pigmentation
    Pigmentation is a result of a number of factors - hormones, sun exposure and genetics all combine to form uneven skin tone. Controlling and and restoring discoloration and pigmentation requires a carefully balanced formula of active ingredients that help prevent the formation and dispersion of melanin that is the root cause of blemishes and marks on the skin.

    ACC Vitamin C serum features a high potency formula of Vitamin C that delivers photo-protective capabilities and provides unmatched anti-oxidant protection to give your skin a radiant boost. MelanoDerm is an ideal melanin antagonist for those with pigmentation, uneven skin tone, age spots or dark areas. DermaBright is a skin brightening "mini-peel in a bottle" solution ideal for rejuvenating photo-aged skin. Mandelic Acid accelerates the natural peeling process leaving behind radiant skin.

    clarifying & brightness - Vitamin C Serum & ACC Vitamin C
    intensive pigmentation & skin tone  - MelanoDerm & DermaBright

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